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Mastercard Debit Card

Fast, safe and secure banking everywhere; it starts with the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card. The convenience of cashless transactions and ATM withdrawals all in one card with a new design in vertical format. Swipe, dip, tap-and-go around the globe and add online payment  for an even better experience. Ask our experts about the benefits.


  • Pay for local, international and online purchases
  • Tap-and-Go at stores for small amounts 
  • Withdraw cash at local and international ATMs
  • Change your PIN at any Banco di Caribe ATM
  • Receive a SMS alert for each payment transaction
  • Monitor your Debit Card transactions online through BdC Online or Mobile App


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Before traveling abroad, please activate your Debit Card for international use through BdC Online banking. When you do not have access to BdC Online, please contact the bank in order to activate your Debit Card for international use at least two (full) business days prior to your departure. 

Be advised that your Debit Card has a default daily limit for your own protection.  The daily local limits are set at an amount in USD equivalent to  ANG 1,800.00 for withdrawals at any ATM and ANG 2,500.00 for transactions at any payment terminal. Your card will inherit these local limits when activated for interisland use.

Customers traveling outside the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, BES Islands, Curaçao and Sint Maarten) are required to set one daily foreign limit, applicable for transactions at ATMs and payment terminals.

When traveling to Aruba, BES Islands, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, you are required to activate the island you are visiting to be able to use an ATM and/or payment terminal belonging to Banco di Caribe.  To be able to use your card at a non-Banco di Caribe ATM and/or payment terminal, you need to activate your card for international use as well. International activation allows you to use your Debit Card worldwide at any ATM and/or payment terminal accepting Mastercard and Maestro.