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E-Statement Request Form


User Information
Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to the following I authorize Banco di Caribe N.V. to deliver statements of my bank account(s) by electronic means. I do understand that by requesting electronic delivery, I will not receive statements in paper form. I will have the right at any time to withdraw this consent for electronic delivery.

I will also remain with the right to obtain a statement in paper form, for which my account will be charged a fee by the bank.

The bank will have a rolling six (6) months history of my e-statement available online. The bank advises to print a copy of the e-statement for my records and/or save it electronically on my own hard disk for further reference. It is my responsibility to notify the bank in writing any time my e-mail address changes.

I agree that the bank has no control as to the persons who have access to my personal computer and my password. Therefore the bank will not be liable for any unauthorized access to my personal computer or password.

I agree bank has the right to terminate its obligation to provide e-statement services and that the bank may if necessary change the terms or conditions regarding e-statement services; upon prior written notice.

I agree that the service of providing e-statements may be unavailable at certain times for required maintenance and upgrades or due to unscheduled unforeseen events. The bank is not liable for any consequential damage that may result for the unavailability of the service.

I agree that the general banking conditions apply on e-statement services provided by the bank.