Customer Support FAQ

Online Banking

How do I logon into the BdC Online system?

You can visit or through this website and click on ‘Online banking Log in’ button. Your Logon ID is your 6 digits Customer ID number.


Do I get a PIN from the bank?

Yes, when you pick up or receive your token you will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a Security Verification Code (SVC). When you activate your token, you will have to change this PIN. After you changed your PIN you can use the new PIN for all further transactions.  Please be advised to file your SVC securely. You will need the SVC to unlock your security token the moment when the system has been locked

What kind of transactions can I perform using Online Banking?

* (click for instruction video)

What are the features of BdC Online?

  • BdC Online works on all your devices
  • Easily set up your BdC Online homepage
  • Easily activate your debit card before traveling
  • Approve more than one transaction at once
  • Manage open schedules and approve pending schedules *
  • Manage open transfers *
  • View transfer history *
  • Bulk payments for corporate clients
  • Always in touch with BdC Online’s message center
  • Manage sub-user with ease
  • Improved online help function
  • Comprehensive FAQ
  • Easy ATM locator
  • Online phone recharge
  • Fast online statements
  • Attractive new design

* (click for instruction video)

How do I create, enable and disable a Sub-user?

See below videos on how to create, enable and disable a Sub-user.

Enable/Disable  Sub-User

Authorization Sub-User and Activation

What are the benefits of BdC Online for a company?

  • Process multiple payments at once instead of processing each payment separately
  • Securely upload a payment
  • Process your payments anytime, anywhere

If I make a transfer to my VISA, Mastercard credit cards or Multicard, when will the amount be added to my available balance?

Normally at the end of the day. But if necessary client can send an email requesting the bank to make a payment within the text; OVERRIDE. Multicard will be refreshed every 2 hours.

What to do if I lose my token or it is damaged?

If you lose your token please call the bank immediately to block your token and visit the bank to apply for a new one. In case of damage, please do not open the damaged token and bring it to one of our branches, where you can fill out a request form for a replacement.

How do I know which token belongs to me, especially amongst sub-users?

You will receive an email with subject ‘Security token request ID’. This email contains both the Logon ID and user (Sub-user) ID number(s) or names and corresponding request ID number. This request ID corresponds to the envelope number the main-user will receive for each sub-user. With this information the main-user can distinguish between request ids to whom each package pertains. You will receive an id card with the Logon ID, Sub-user ID and token serial number for reference. However, we recommend memorizing your serial number, registered on the back of the token, or put a small sticker to distinguish your token from other tokens.

I am a main-user; do I need to pick up the token for my sub-users?

Yes, the main-user needs to pick up the tokens and sign for receipt. The main-user is responsible for the sub-user tokens including the SVC. We recommend the main-user to file the SVC in a secure place.

What do I need to make an international SWIFT transfer?

The information required to make an online international transfer is as follows:

  • Full beneficiary name (initials are not allowed)
  • Full beneficiary address (P.O. Box numbers are not allowed)
  • Full bank address
  • BIC/SWIFT code of the beneficiary's bank
  • IBAN number of the beneficiary's bank