Customer Support FAQ

Mobile Banking App

What do I need to be able to use the Mobile Banking App?

In order to take full advantage of our Mobile Banking app, you would need the following:

  • An active current or savings account.
  • A BdC Online account with an active security token

What features are available on the Mobile Banking App?

Our Mobile Banking app offers a variety of features such as:

  • Create all your payments and transfers in BdC and approve all of them at once.
  • Schedule payments.
  • View your online statements and interest letters.
  • View your Banco di Caribe credit card balances and make payments.
  • Activate and deactivate your debit card for international use.
  • Block and unblock your account for card transactions in case your card is missing or has been stolen.
  • Find our ATMS with the ATM locator.
  • Request support with the in-app online help function.
  • Find your answers with the FAQ function.
  • Enjoy the responsive screen adjustment on all smartphones and tablets.
  • Create all your payments in BdC and approve all of them at once.
  • Access the BdC Online banking platforms on all operational markets in one app.  
  • Access e.g. payments and transfers quickly via shortcuts.
  • Rename your accounts

Is it available for Andriod and iOS?

The Mobile Banking app is available for both Android and iOS and they are available in the Play store and Apple store.

Under what name can I find the Mobile Banking App?

You can find the Mobile Banking app under the name: Banco di Caribe Mobile Banking.

Do you need your token to use the Mobile Banking App?

Yes, you would need your BdC Online token to use the Mobile app.

Can a Sub-user also make use of the Mobile Banking App?

Yes, sub-users can also make use of the mobile app, be sure to have the sub-user(s) registered and that they also have their own token.

What features does the Mobile Banking App offer for companies?

Aside from the regular features that the mobile app has to offer, the owner of a company can also view their investment portfolio and perform Bulk Payment transactions.