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A loan gives your business an immediate infusion of funds designated for a specific purpose either for one-time expenditures or long term financing such as fixed asset purchases, permanent working capital, business expansion and acquisition.

The term and interest rate differ with each financing purpose and request. Several aspects are considered, one of them being the company’s capacity of repaying the loan and the other the collateral guaranteeing the loan. These are discussed and agreed with the client prior to disbursement of the loan.


Term loans:
Whether you are looking to finance capital expenditures or expand your business into a profitable new area, a Banco di Caribe Term Loan is your answer. Each Term Loan we service is designed specifically to meet your needs, and is typically structured to be repaid in three (3) to five (5) years.


Term loan features:

  • Provides a one time lump sum with fixed monthly repayments
  • Can be used to purchase inventory, materials, vehicles (new/used) or (heavy) equipment
  • Secured by the floating asset you’re financing
  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Borrow up to 70% of the purchase price


Term loan requirements:

  • Company financials of the two (2) most recent years
  • Copy of invoices validating purchase price
  • Company Bank statements (if not a BdC client)
  • Personal guarantees by company owner(s), BdC net worth statement must be completed and submitted
  • List of company machinery & equipment, inventory & stock signed and dated
  • Aging list of company Account Receivables signed and dated

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